Rule 9

Rule 9 Speech Equality
2009.10.13 CE

Rule 9 – Every one has the equal right to express their mind, no matter what or whom it is about. It is your right and responsibility to stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

Having the equal right requires that your society ensure that no one or no group has more of an opportunity to speak than anyone else. This does not imply that everyone will speak the same amount, since some people are prone to talking more than others. It does indicate that controls must be in place to allow those that want to speak an opportunity to do so.

If you are given the opportunity to speak and do not do so, then you must live with the consequences without complaining. When you do speak and others do not listen, then you must also live with that.

Not speaking out on an issue gives others the right to assume you agree with what they are saying, silence is the same as speaking for an issue, not against it, and not “don’t care”

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