Rule 5

Rule 5 Lovers & Friends
2009.10.17 CE

Rule 5 – Find someone to grow old with and treat each other well. We all need someone to love. Be a friend to others and treat others with the respect they earn.

We are social animals and need someone to love. Love itself is hard to define in words if it can be defined in words at all. As humans we need it, and to keep ourselves and others happy and sane we need to love.

Being social animals, sentient, and intelligent, we need to express ourselves to others and have others express themselves to us so we can understand ourselves relative to the larger group and how well we fit in. That is what friends do, give us a sounding board for what kind of person we are.

In our present society there is a saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” and while this sounds altruistic the fact of the matter is there are many people in the world who will not treat you properly and your always treating them with respect only makes you subject to their denigration of you. You should give everybody the benefit of the doubt when you first meet them and realize that sometimes first impressions aren’t always the most accurate so you should base your respect towards a person not on any one incident but on the totality of how they have treated you.

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