Rule 4

Rule 4 – Your Health
2009.10.18 CE

Rule 4 – Eat a well balanced diet, lead an active physical and mental life, seek an appropriate sex life with an adult(s), and emphasize good health over waiting until a cure is needed.

Basically, Rule 4 is how to keep your self in good health, mentally and physically.

This code is intended to define what we know now is necessary to live the healthiest and longest life possible. In the future there may well be advances in medicine which take care of the problems we induce into ourselves via bad habits or those caused by genetic problems. In that case some points may become mute, but in the mean time you do really need to take care of yourself as an obligation to yourself as well as your family and society at large. Not taking care of yourself the best you can is immoral because it puts an undo stress on others as well as yourself.

A well balanced diet will help prevent, but not necessarily cure, many problems including some cancers, obesity, joint problems, muscle problems, etc. etc. Eating properly helps you maintain and repair your body. It’s good for you and not exactly hard to do.

Leading an active physical life through sports, exercise, etc. keeps your muscles working and active, which keeps them stronger so when you walk around, bend over, lift something, you can do this without harm. Although it may seem you get enough exercise in your work, the fact is most work exercises one or two groups of muscles and the remainder go under exercised and you wind up finding that when you do something out of the ordinary then the muscle isn’t there to do it.

The body has a tendency to get rid of what it doesn’t need. This includes muscle if it is not used so they are not a drain on the remaining parts of the body, so use them.

An active mental life can be through participating in social activity, doing puzzles, helping your children with their homework, a hobby that challenges you mentally, taking courses at a local college, and basically anything else that gets your mind to inputting something, analyzing it and then putting something out, even a little bit. This will help you stay alert, and be more capable as you age.

Long term activities to avoid doing excessively are those that don’t require you to analyze and output the results. Active mental action does not mean that you just input something such as reading a novel, watching television etc. To be active mentally you would also have to take the initiative and, say, write a review of what you have read or watched on TV, talked to others about the book or program, anything that will cause you to think about what you read or saw. This does not mean you have to do this continuously, but several or more hours per day will help.

Our basic needs are air, water, food, shelter, social interaction, and sex. Sex is a powerful driving force in our lives, don’t disrespect it. Figure out what you like in sex and enjoy that. Don’t let societies ‘norms’ be your driving force, let your own feelings on the subject be your guide.

Sex is the way we reproduce, so if you have a mate you need to find one that can agree with you on your sex choices.

Code 2, “Protect the children, for they are fragile of mind and body.” applies here . If you equate children and sex then you need to get mental help with your problem because no one will ever support you in this, quite to the contrary, you will be punished severely by society.

Medicine keeps changing and getting better. As such, it is hard to say exactly what to do medically, but whatever the present knowledge is you will greatly benefit more from prevention than cure. Not that cure isn’t important. By the time cure is needed prevention will do you no good. And no matter how hard we try, not everything can be prevented. So medical cure is really very important and is the mainstay of present day medicine.

Preventing a problem is not always easy because we don’t always know what causes something. And if you don’t know what causes it you can’t keep from doing whatever it is that causes the problem. This should not prevent you from doing what you can to prevent health problems, such as staying fit, eating properly, keeping hydrated, finding and taking care of any genetic problems, keeping your teeth in good condition, getting your shots, avoiding excessive alcohol, excessive drugs, smoking, etc. No matter the problem, if there is a long term preventative action, then it is usually a good idea to follow that line in life without getting paranoid about it. Good advice is to talk to your health care provider about both prevention and cure and then take that advice

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