Rule 3

Rule 3 Physical Difference
2009.10.19 CE

Rule 3 – In the matters of physiology, males and females are different. Keep this in mind on medical and psychological considerations.

Comparing Men And Women

Men and women are, from birth, just different. You cannot expect them to have the same physical and mental characteristics as a group.

For example, women have a thin layer of fat under their skin that men do not have (that’s why they tend to be “softer” than men). Because fat is a better conductor of electricity than muscle, women tend to feel electrical shocks more easily than men. Because of that, and for some social reasons, most electricians are men and not women.

From here, the list just grows. So don’t assume that just because a gender is capable of doing something that their gender is best suited to do it or as a group wants to do it (see Code 11 for individuals). And that goes both ways.

Even NASA knows this to be true.
How Zero Gravity Affects Men and Women Differently – ABC News.

And so do comedians

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