Rule 16

Rule 16 – Physical Violance
2009.10.06 CE

Rule 16 – Excluding reasonable unforced participatory activities and defense of self or other people against physical violence, physical violence in any form against other people is wrong and should be punished.

Basically one is not allowed to be physically violent towards any one else. And physically means just that, it does not include talking or writing ideas, even violent ones which are not real threats.

Excluded from this are activities where violent actions may be present (think hockey) or are deliberately a part of the activity, such as boxing. As long as the participants are doing it of their own free will then they should be allowed to do it.

Reasonable implies that the objective of the activity is not to do permanent damage to someone. In other words, getting depressed people to fight to the death is not reasonable!

And excluded from the no harm to others doctrine is when it involves defending yourself or others. And defending against includes against physical harm, physical intimidation, oppression, and slavery.

The response must be in proportion to the threat. In other words you cannot kill someone for raising their fist in anger. But if necessary you can kill someone who is attempting to physically enslave you.

Enslavement in this case implies physically controlling you by law or force for an extended period. It does not include parents limiting their children’s physical activities, or reasonable punishment for crimes.

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