Rule 12

Rule 12 Governments
2009.10.10 CE

Rule 12 – Governments, politicians, judges, and police are Necessary Evils, do not let them control your society. The majority of the people make the rules provided the rules do not oppress any minority, all legal accusations of wrongdoing shall be tried in a court of 12 citizen jurors, all leadership positions shall be elected, and election rules shall be made with 1 person 1 vote 1 voice as the only consideration.

This rule is broken down into two parts, the things we must do as a society and what the guiding light for a society is.

Many who are covered by the Necessary Evils will take offense, but a necessary evil is only evil because theoretically we do not need them. In other words, if everybody lived in some altruistic utopia, they would not be needed. Reality is not that way, so we set up these “evils” to maintain control over those that are not reasonable. I spent 6 proud years as one of these evils, and still consider it as one of the best things I have done for mankind, so get over it.

The only thing about these evils is that whoever chooses these as a career must realize that as mankind matures, their jobs may become unneeded and disappear.

They must also realize that if they choose these as a path in life than they are not believers in freedom. Under the concept of freedom these people are limiting those freedoms, and as such these positions are not honorable when taken as lifetime positions. Realizing that there will always be people that are unreasonable and spending part of a lifetime in one of these positions in order to help society progress is honorable, but taking it on as a permanent position indicates that one disdains freedom more than loves it.

Part two describes what the primary guiding light of any society you are a part of should practice, and that is it should be a republic, with laws that do not violate the rights of minorities, or to quote the Wyoming state constitution- “No Absolute, arbitrary power over the lives, liberty and property of freemen exists nowhere in a republic, not even in the largest majority.”

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