Rule 11

Rule 11 – Your Responsibility
2009.10.11 CE

Rule 11 – No one is your superior, all others are your equal and should be treated that way. YOU are responsible for what you do and do not do.

If you consider everybody as your equal then it becomes much easier to live your life as you want to live it rather than the way those that you think are superior to you want you to. How much you bow to this superior thing has a lot to do with humans herd instinct so it must be watched and judged appropriately. In other words one person is not capable of making all decisions!

One must also treat other humans the way you want to be treated, in other words follow Rule 5.

The hard part of being an atheist. No god with conflicting messages to cover your actions or lack thereof. Your life is in your hands, do the best you can and enjoy it.

For the most part life will be a series of events many of which you have no control over and which are not set out for you specifically but will not be to your favor. These hardships one must accept and overcome through your own initiative. When society sets up deliberate roadblocks to you then you must band together in an attempt to make a change.

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