21 Rules

1. Life begins when a woman wants to bring the pregnancy to fruition, or when the fetus can be artificially sustained outside the womb, or once the baby is born (alive and no longer a part of the mother).

2. Protect the children, for they are fragile of mind and body. Be there for them when they are growing up, don’t be an absentee parent. When you grow up and rebel remember it is your youth you are rebelling against, not the outside world.

3. In the matters of physiology, males and females are different. Keep this in mind on medical and psychological considerations.

4. Eat a well balanced diet, lead an active physical and mental life, seek an appropriate sex life with an adult(s), and emphasize good health over waiting until a cure is needed.

5. Find someone to grow old with and treat each other well. We all need someone to love. Be a friend to others and treat others with the respect they earn.

6. Honor, without bowing to, your family. They will be the ones weeping at your funeral.

7. Help the poor and indigent, but watch for the charlatan. Everyone has the right to enough food, water and medical aid to sustain life and enough shelter to prevent dying from the elements.

8. In matters of politics, work, compensation and rights, men and women are the same; only their abilities as individuals separates them.

9. Every one has the equal right to express their mind, no matter what or whom it is about. It is your right and responsibility to stand up for yourself and your beliefs.

10. People are individuals, and should not be judged individually in the light of groups.

11. No one is your superior, all others are your equal and should be treated that way. YOU are responsible for what you do and do not do.

12. Governments, politicians, judges, and police are Necessary Evils, do not let them control your society. The majority of the people make the rules provided the rules do not oppress any minority, all legal accusations of wrongdoing shall be tried in a court of citizen jurors, all leadership positions shall be elected, and election rules shall be made with 1 person 1 vote 1 voice as the only consideration.

13. Lying about anyone’s actions or words is wrong, including lying through omission, redirection, and unwarranted ignorance, and should be punished.

14. Fraud is wrong and should be punished.

15. Taking, destroying or changing another’s property, works or work is wrong and should be punished. Everyone must be compensated for their work and works with at least a livable compensation.

16. Excluding reasonable unforced participatory activities and defense of self or other people against physical violence, physical violence in any form against other people is wrong and should be punished.

17. Slavery and the oppression of peoples either physically or psychologically is wrong and should be punished.

18. Except in defense of self or other people against physical death, physical slavery, or physical oppression, murder (killing a person) is wrong and should be punished.

19. You have a right and an obligation to protect yourself, your family and others against physical harm, slavery, oppression and death.

20. Change is inevitable, do not let the extremists determine the change. Always preserve the history of what is outmoded, both pro and con.

21. There are no gods. Only people who believe in gods. Science will provide the correct answers given enough time and critique, including the answer to when someone is dead.

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