Hypatian Chronicle Volume 0 Number 4

Rules 12,16,17,18 & 19

The Law Of The Jungle

I’ve always wondered if mankind is destined to spend his entire existence living under the law of the jungle and being violent against his fellow man? Or is there an alternate better way to live our lives?The work of Dr. Robert Sapolsky seems to point to the fact that the law of the jungle may not be entirely what we think it is. He was researching stress in Baboons and came across some interesting information.

The first part of his research reinforces our ideas about the law of the jungle as it applies to the old saying “only the strong survive”.
Here is what he found:

Fortuitously when mankind introduced a hazard to the baboons something unusual happened. And what happened brought out that the law of the jungle, as we mistakenly interpret it, does not indicate that you have to be aggressive to your fellow kind in order to survive. And you can actually thrive by being nice to your fellow kind.

You may have noticed in this video that all the alpha males and all the outlying males are the ones that died. It is obvious that since the outlying baboons had a compromised immune system and thus when they ate the tuberculosis infected meets they could not fight the disease. Their death is no surprise in this case.

What initially is very surprising is that the alpha males all died. According to what we have seen before they should have had a very strong immune system and if anybody had survived it should have been them. But you’ll also notice in the previous video that they said that the alpha males always had the pick of the food to eat. And of course they would have gone in and eaten all the best pieces of the meat first, meaning they would have eaten the majority of the tuberculosis infected meat. And like all diseases the more the exposure the stronger the disease infection that you have to fight off and they apparently could not fight off as much as they ate, which left less for the others to ingest. One of the negatives to being part of the “haves”!

But beyond that it is notable that this troop survived and flourished without this continuous inter-group harassment occurring. It is also interesting to note that baboons from other troops who joined this troop could be taught to not be aggressive towards the others. This nonaggression within the troop is probably one of the major reasons that they flourished. It resulted in all members of the troupe being in better health overall allowing them more strength to deal with the daily external threats and pressures on the troop.

This fortunate set of circumstances brings forth a very hopeful message to mankind that we need to address violence within our societies, and the violence we must address has to be all forms of violence whether it is the individual or the government engaging in it. By reducing this violence we can improve our entire society and bring all peoples up to the level of the “haves”.

Will we have the intelligence to do this?

This article is based on parts of the National Geographic DVD “Stress – Portrait of a Killer” available at http://shop.nationalgeographic.com/ngs/product/dvds/science-and-space/stress%3A-portrait-of-a-killer-dvd?product=product%3A1075290

Bigotry Is Subtle

Rule 10

Understanding that bigotry may well be disguised as concern for others, we want to look at the case of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old that took a homemade clock to school and people immediately thought it looked like a bomb. From what we know:((Break))
Eager to show it off to his engineering teacher, Mohamed walked into MacArthur High School on Monday morning with his hastily assembled invention: a digital clock. Hours later, the ninth-grader was escorted out of the school in police custody after teachers mistook the device for a bomb.
This is what the police had to say:

And this is what the school said to the parents:

And as a final summary the following discussion probably says it best:

How smart Ahmed is or whether his clock was a true “invention” or just the assembly of various components is not known at this time that we are aware of. But that part of the equation is really irrelevant, the reaction of the people as things developed is the true concern.

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