Are Rules Needed

Are Defined Rules Needed?
The short answer is –Yes, evolution requires it. (It’s a long story, so see: Birth Condition)

And the first reaction from this is generally on the order of we are going to be the Messiah for everybody? But, let me point out that since animism 300,000 years ago no god has brought peace to mankind and neither has atheism.

Atheism, like theism, has had 300,000 years to bring mankind together but has used the same faulted condition of multiple writings with multiple authors attempting to define the philosophy of life and how it should be lived just as the theists have.

And let me tell you that this method has been a total failure!

Atheists also often promulgate the idea that everybody is born with an inherent sense of what is right and wrong. And this innate human understanding, I must point out, is what has prevented mankind from committing any atrocities against his fellow human! That statement may have been sarcastic but after 300,000 years maybe we need to look at mankind a little more critically, maybe we don’t all have a sense of empathy for all our fellow man. Maybe there are many who only have feelings for themselves and empathy only for their small “tribe”!

And then there is the saying “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Or its equivalent in different societies. Unfortunately this simple statement doesn’t work so well with those who are seeking power as it allows them to feel that doing unto others is to lead them since they cannot lead themselves and therefore they are helping them. And of course they often assume that oppressing or killing others for not following them is what their followers want them to do. And obviously the “others” in “unto others” are their followers. It also does not work if you want a handy and start rubbing people in the crotch.

Based on all of this, a multitude of other failures of mankind for the last 300,000 years, and the fact that most people are holistic thinkers and will follow A leader it appears that a new tact is needed. And a small set of specific rules would appear to be the best. By providing a simple set that the vast majority can understand themselves prevents the “leader” people from being able to pick and choose from a large set of conflicting and complex rules to get the sayings they want to get people to do bad things.

It also shows that life isn’t so complicated that you need 500 pages of confusing instructions to be moral. It also lets you explain your view in simple terms that anyone of reasonable intelligence can understand, and most will be able to recall when making decisions.

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